Sunday, July 6th, 1969: Homo Nest Raided, Queen Bee’s Are Stinging Mad
This is the headline run by the Sunday Times following their first publication after the Stonewall riots. Now, 50 years after the bricks were thrown, over four million people are marching through the same streets that the original protesters once did. The event this year is especially important because New York City was selected as the venue for World Pride, an international celebration of the LGBT+ community. 
Sam Behr, a 24-year-old woman from Boca Raton Florida attended the festival this year. She took a long walk into Washington Square Park from her friends home in Brooklyn for the parade. Even among the millions Sam managed to stand out in the massive crowd of spectators. Her neon red hair, glowing in the light, perfectly matched her slightly revealing crop top and shirt combo. Her lightning bolt tattoo shone in the orange sunlight. Her red sunglasses added a retro vibe to her outfit. According to her, this whole look is very important. “Self-expression is so valuable in this community. It really helps to stand out in this crowd of cookie-cutter women.” She went on to explain how beautiful this whole community event was. 
Fashion was everywhere. It almost seemed as if the norm, was a bold, gaudy, semi-nude outfit. I felt as if I stood out in a summery button-down shirt and shorts. For men, fashion norms were non-existent. Some people walked around in full body wraps, but some walked around in only tiny, almost non-existent underwear. Both of these examples were greeted with open arms and loving smiles.
This event showed me a new kind of peaceful assembly. Unlike the political protests, I am used to in Washington D.C, this event had something special to it. Love and hope radiated from the crowd. Hugs and kisses were used instead of handshakes. In a crowd of four million, people still managed to make me feel one of a kind. 
The headline that ran on Sunday night in the Washington Post was…
World Pride draws record-high parade attendees on historic anniversary
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